What is a Bird Nesting Ball?

So, what is this nesting ball (patented and trademarked), and what makes alpaca fiber so special as a nesting material? Each four-inch ball is made from grapevines, and hand-filled with at least three colors of fiber (alpacas come in 22 natural colors). The fiber that is used in the ball is typically from the seconds that are shorn from the animal each year. (No animal is harmed to secure the fiber.) The seconds are normally too short or not the quality used in the production of fine garments. The nesting ball hangs from a jute rope in a tree and blends into the environment. Alpaca, a hollow fiber, wicks water and when wet, quickly dries to its natural fluffy state. The delicate fiber, unlike some nesting materials, is easily used by birds and does not attract predators to the nest. The chickadees and titmice, in particular, enjoy it!

Read about our Bird Nesting Balls March/April 2011 issue of Bird Watcher's Digest.

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All Things Alpaca, LLC has its business office in northern Kentucky outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. Production and distribution take place in northern Ohio, either on or near the farm.

The Alpaca Fleece-filled Bird Nesting Ball® could not have become a reality without the support of alpaca breeders, who have donated fiber in the past year.  We are grateful for their enthusiasm, and the way they contribute in such a positive way to the entire alpaca community.  If you are in their area, please contact them for a farm visit! 

Supporting A Great Cause
All Things Alpaca, LLC has partnered with The Epilepsy Center of Northwest Ohio, Hamilton High School and Sycamore High School Vocational Work Study Program.  Many of our Alpaca Fleece-filled Bird Nesting Ball®s are made by individuals with epilepsy and/or developmental disabilities as part of a Vocational Activity Program. The Nesting Ball project helps contribute to this unique 'in-house' programming that encourages motor skill development, focus, creativity and builds self-esteem.

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Our Bird Nesting Balls are a Featured New Product in the August 2011 issue of Birder's World.

Zen Bird Feeder's 2014 Nesting Report - featuring Video and Photos of the Bird Nesting Ball.

Aug 2013 Bird Nesting Ball In Use
The Owner of one of our Bird Nesting Balls posted this video to YouTube of a titmouse making good use of it.

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Alpaca Nesting Ball photos with birds courtesy of the
Wild Birds Unlimited store in Saratoga Springs, NY.

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The Alpaca Fleece-filled Bird Nesting Ball®
US Patent No. 9,497,938


The good deeds of Sunny Meade Alpacas at Safe
Haven Farms featured in Alpacas Magazine. Click Here

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