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Have you ever wanted your very own personal shopper? Well, you have one now! Contact Kimberly (or see our Latest Flier), to view the entire collection of baby alpaca and superfine alpaca garments and household accessories. You'll find clothing for men, women and children, including sweaters, scarves, socks, and coats. For the home you will find bed blankets, throws, pillows, finger puppets and teddy bears. Alpaca is lightweight, super soft and extremely warm. There’s nothing like sleeping under a baby alpaca bed blanket! We even have adorable sock monkeys! No animals have been harmed to produce these luxurious items. All items are made in Peru and are fair trade. We work with seven distributors who know the local artisans and care about the communities in which they do business. These items are of the finest quality and would be sold in high-end specialty stores.

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  • Receive special pricing from Object Mythology by using our customized Online Catalog
  • Receive a 10% discount on Kuna, Lanart and Red Maple Sportswear special orders
  • No international shipping charges
  • No product minimums
  • A portion of all sales is donated to charity

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Incatops Alpaca yarn used by KUNA

If you've ever wondered where Kuna's Alpaca fiber comes from, this video is for you...

Posted by Alpaca Collections on Monday, April 4, 2016

Kimberly will help you with sizing and colors. Many items are custom made exactly to your specifications. Special orders (colors and sizes not currently in stock) may take 8-12 weeks for delivery.


clothing photos are courtesy of
Latin Collection, Pendleton, KUNA and Red Maple Sportswear



Rainbow Scarf
This 70” x 10.5” (not including fringe) scarf by
Latin Collection and available for $56 from Alpacas
of the Covenant as part of the Quechua Benefit
fundraiser clothing line. 

Quechua Benefit Video

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The good deeds of Sunny Meade Alpacas at Safe
Haven Farms featured in Alpacas Magazine. Click Here

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